Tunnel Tech 700 Series

Tunnel Tech 701 – CO/NO/NO²/VIS
Tunnel Tech 702 – CO/VIS/VIS
Tunnel Tech 703 – CO/VIS
Tunnel Tech 704 – NO/VIS
Tunnel Tech 705 – NO²/VIS
Tunnel Tech 706 – CO/NO²/VIS
Tunnel Tech 707 – NO/NO²/VIS
Tunnel Tech 708 – VIS Only
Tunnel Atmosphere Monitoring System

1.2. CO, NO, NO², and Visibility Air Quality Monitor
– The Air Quality Monitor (AQM), shown in Figure 2, uses visible light channels to measure visibility and electrochemical cells. The AQM consists of a transceiver that projects visible beams to a reflector unit mounted 3m away.
– A high-powered modulated LED is used for the visible light source. Optical visibility is measured by a silicon photo-detector that determines the attenuation of the light beam, along the instrument sight path, due to the particulates in the tunnel atmosphere. CO, NO and NO2 are measured using electrochemical cell technology. Once the zero level of the cell is set and recorded in the instrument memory, the cell output is linear and proportional to the ppm or ppb reading.
– A serial data link via an RS485 interface allows communication directly with the AQM sensors […].

Tunnel_tech_700_series_technical manual.pdf

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