Tunnel Tech 500 Series

Tunnel Tech 501 – CO/NO/NO2
Tunnel Tech 502 – CO/NO
Tunnel Tech 503 – CO
Tunnel Tech 504 – NO
Tunnel Tech 505 – NO2
Tunnel Tech 506 – CO/NO2
Tunnel Tech 507 – NO/NO2
Tunnel Atmosphere Monitoring System

2 Principles of Operation
2.1 Electro Chemical Cell – CO/NO/NO2
– In order to measure the level of gas (CO/NO/NO2), the Tunnel Tech 500 uses an electro chemical cell to convert the gas in to readable data. The gas diffuses in to the sensor and interacts with the electrode within the cell. This causes a chemical reaction in which the gas is reduced or oxidised. The electrochemical reaction results in an electric current which can then be read, with the generated voltage being linear to the gas response, and the detector level is derived from the incoming voltage and subsequently a gas measurement.[…].

Tunnel_tech_500_series_technical manual.pdf

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