Đặc tính kỹ thuật của thiết bị đo áp suất hãng ABB

(2600T Series Pressure Transmitter)

Base accuracy: ±0.15 %
Span limits
– 0.3 to 60000 kPa; 1.2 inH2O to 8700 psi
– 0.3 to 3000 kPa abs; 2.25 mmHg to 435 psia
Reliable sensing system coupled with very latest digital technologies
– provides large turn down ratio up to 20:1
Stainless steel housing
– optimized for rough environment
– extreme robust
Flexible configuration facilities
– local zero and span button
– local configuration with keys on LCD indicator
– remote configuration with hand terminal or PC based software
Full compliance with PED Category III

Functional Specifications

 Lower Range Limit (LRL) for 261AS is 0 absolute for all ranges.
Span limits
 Maximum span = Upper range limit (URL)
Turndown = Upper range limit / Calibrated span
Zero suppression and elevation
 Zero and span can be adjusted to any value within the range limits detailed in the table as long as:
– calibrated span
minimum span
 Adjustable time constant: 0 to 60 s. This is in addition to sensor response time. Can be adjusted via local indicator, hand terminal or PC based software.
Turn on time
 Operation within specification in less than 10 s with minimum damping.
Insulation resistance
 > 100 Mat 500 V DC (terminals to earth)

Operative limits
Temperature limits °C (°F):
Ambient temperature limits (is the operating temperature)
 -40°C and +85°C (-40°F and +185°F)
 white oil filling: -6°C and +85°C (-21°F and +185°F)

 Lower limit for LCD indicator and Viton gasket: -20°C (-4°F)

 Lower limit for perfluorelastomer gasket: -25°C/-15°C (-13°F/+5°F) (ref. to section “Pressure Limits”)
Upper limit for perfluorelastomer gasket: +80°C (+176°F)

 Upper limit for LCD indicator: +70°C (+158°F)


 For Hazardous Atmosphere applications see the temperature range specified on the certificate/approval relevant to the aimed type of protection.
Process temperature limits
 Lower limit:
– (-50)°C (-58°F); -20 C (-4°F) for Viton gasket; -25°C/-15 °C (-13 F/+5 °F) for perfluorelastomer gasket (ref. to section “Pressure Limits”); -6°C (+21°F) for white oil filling.
Upper limit:
– +120°C (+250°F);
– +80°C (+176°F) for perfluorelastomer gasket.
Storage temperature limits

 Lower limit: -50°C (-58°F), –40°C (-40 °F) for LCD indicators -6°C (+21F) for white oil filling

 Upper limit: +85°C (+185°F)

Pressure limits
Overpressure limits (without damage to the transmitter)
0 absolute to
– 1 MPa, 10 bar, 145 psi for sensor codes C, F
– 0.5 MPa, 5 bar, 72.5 psi for sensor code L
– 2 MPa, 20 bar, 290 psi für Sensorcode D
– 6 MPa, 60 bar, 870 psi for sensor code U
– 20 MPa, 200 bar, 2900 psi for sensor code R
– 90 MPa, 900 bar, 13050 psi for sensor code V
– 0.6 MPa abs, 6 bar abs, 87 psia for perfluoroelastomer gasket, T
≥ –15 °C (+5 °F)
– 0.18 MPa abs, 1.8 bar abs, 26 psia for perfluoroelastomer gasket, T
≥ –25 °C (-13 °F)
Proof pressure
 The transmitter can be exposed to line pressure for pressure test up to: refer to Overpressure limits

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