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[PDF]_SKC Sample Pump_224-PCXR8.manual

SKC_Sample Pump_224-PCXR8_manual.pdf – High Flow Applications (750-5000 ml/min) + Setup    * Fully charge the battery by connecting the charger plug to the sampler charging jack (Figure 1, #22). Use only an SKC charger designated for this model. CAUTION: DO NOT CHARGE IN A HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT. Using flexible tubing, connect the sampling media to the […]

[PDF]_SKC Quick Take 30_manual

SKC-Quick Take 30_manual.pdf The QuickTake® 30 Sample Pump is a portable battery-powered air sampling pump that maintains constant airflow from 10 to 30 L/min for use with impactors, spore trap cassettes such as Versa Trap®, asbestos cassettes, micro vacuum cassettes, or other samplers requiring flows up to 30 L/min. A diaphragm pump operating with a […]

[PDF]_SKC Pocket Pump_manual

SKC_Pocket Pump_manual.pdf – SKC Pocket Pump is an advanced low flow (20 to 225 ml/min) sample pump combining a lightweight and compact design with PC compatibility. – When used with SKC sampling media such as sorbent sample tubes, the Pocket Pump is efficient and accurate for performing TWA, STEL, and Ceiling sampling for organic gases […]

[PDF]_SKC_Film Flowmeter_manual

SKC_Film Flowmeter_manual.pdf Personal sampling pumps are essential equipment for sampling airborne contaminants. However, determining airborne concentrations requires accurate knowledge of the volume of air sampled. Constancy of flow rate and equipment reliability are two important factors that affect air volume […]

[PDF]_SKC_901-FTM Issue F Flite 2 Pump_manual

SKC_901-FTM Issue F Flite 2 Pump_manual.pdf – The Flite 2 pump is supplied complete with a rubber dust cap for the inlet hose tail and a screw-in dust cap for the charging/power socket. Please ensure that these are fitted at all times when the pump is not in use or being charged. – Never run […]

[PDF[_SKC_222 Series_manual

SKC_222 Series_manual.pdf SKC 222 Series Low Flow Pumps are miniature diaphragm-type pumps for personal or area sampling of gases and vapors in air. These reliable lightweight pumps are motor-operated and powered by a rechargeable battery pack. Featuring reliable stroke counter technology, the pump’s stroke counter indicates the number of times the pump’s diaphragm has pulsed […]