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Testo _350_Combustion & Emission Analyder_manual

testo _350_Combustion & Emission Analyder The testo 350 is a portable combustion & emission analyzer. The instrument consists of the control unit (control unit for displaying readings and controlling the analyzer box) and the analyzer box (measuring instrument). Plug-type contacts, databus cable or Bluetooth (option) are used to connect the control unit to the analyzer […]

[PDF]. Chemitec_manual

Chemitec_Catalogue_2017_English Complete and flexible system for a wide range of applications in water treatment with easy to use software and automatic recognition of sensors: available in three configurations, up to two (2), four (4) and eight (8) simultaneous measurements, freely selectable. Equipped with two RS485 serial ports: one (1) for sensors with RS485 digital interface […]

[PDF]. Lifetek 33/55/100_manual

LIFETEK 33-55-100_3.6_REV.02_ENGLISH The pump type of the sampler is a rotary vane pump for LIFETEK 100, membrane pump for LIFETEK 33 / 55. The pump provides high precision in the fluid regulation over all its functionality range. The high prevalence of the pump unite with the electronic control and management system can automatically compensate the […]

[PDF].LIFE GAS_EN_MT00057AR03_manual

LIFE GAS_EN_MT00057AR03 The pump of the sampler is a membrane type with double head and ensures a high precision of the flows over all the working range. The high discharge head of the pump combined to the electronic system for the management and control allow to compensate automatically the loss load caused by the filter […]

[PDF].gastec GV-100s and GV-110s-sampling-pump-manual

Gastec GV-100s and GV-110s-sampling-pump-manual.pdf The Gastec precision pump (GV-100S) and Gastec Precision Pump with a counter (GV-100S) is designed specifically to be used with Gastec standard and polytec tubes. Using this range you can monitor up to 600 gases and vapours. The Gastec precision pump and Gastec Precision Pump with a counter can precisely collect […]

[PDF]_Đồng hồ đo thể tích.manual

Actaris_Diaphragm_Dong ho the tich The movement of the diaphragm is caused by the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the meter. The reciprocal filling is controlled by means of two sliding valves. This oscillating movement is transformed into a rotational one and is mechanically transmitted to the totaliser through a magnetic coupling […]

[PDF]_SKC Sample Pump_224-PCXR8.manual

SKC_Sample Pump_224-PCXR8_manual.pdf – High Flow Applications (750-5000 ml/min) + Setup    * Fully charge the battery by connecting the charger plug to the sampler charging jack (Figure 1, #22). Use only an SKC charger designated for this model. CAUTION: DO NOT CHARGE IN A HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT. Using flexible tubing, connect the sampling media to the […]

[PDF]_SKC Quick Take 30_manual

SKC-Quick Take 30_manual.pdf The QuickTake® 30 Sample Pump is a portable battery-powered air sampling pump that maintains constant airflow from 10 to 30 L/min for use with impactors, spore trap cassettes such as Versa Trap®, asbestos cassettes, micro vacuum cassettes, or other samplers requiring flows up to 30 L/min. A diaphragm pump operating with a […]

[PDF]_SKC Pocket Pump_manual

SKC_Pocket Pump_manual.pdf – SKC Pocket Pump is an advanced low flow (20 to 225 ml/min) sample pump combining a lightweight and compact design with PC compatibility. – When used with SKC sampling media such as sorbent sample tubes, the Pocket Pump is efficient and accurate for performing TWA, STEL, and Ceiling sampling for organic gases […]