1.2. GCEM4000 Basic Principles

The GCEM4000 analyser uses an in-situ probe set into a duct to measure the concentration of gases of interest. Figure 2 illustrates the arrangement. The in-situ tube includes a section that allows the diffusion of flue gases into the measurement zone or the dispersion of purge or calibration gas out of the tube and into the duct. This section of the tube is the analysers’ measurement cell. The analyser is capable of simultaneous measurement of up to six different gases (plus water vapour as a seventh measurement if required).

As with conventional cross-duct analysers, this probe configuration does not require the extraction of a sample from the gas stream and makes its measurement by analysing the way in which infrared radiation, transmitted through the measurement section of the probe, is modified by the gases present.[…]

GCEM4000_MCERTS_Multi-Gas Analyser 1m & 2m Probe Versions.pdf

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