BUCK Libra_L-4 Pumb_T100-704_manual.pdf

The BUCK Libra™ L-4 is a low-cost, high performance personal air sampling pump. It is a “no frills” model designed for the sampling of asbestos, lead, and other airborne contaminates. The rugged, compact design features a rechargeable NiMH battery with available one-hour charger. The sealed pump case protects the internal components from dust, fibers and moisture. Simplicity of its operation features “Set it and Forget it” flows at 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0 LPM; maintained within ±5% for full constant flow compensation using 37 and 25mm cassettes interchangeably. This insures accurate sample volumes based on the run time. The BUCK Libra™ L-4 is capable of delivering up to 4.0 LPM for periods exceeding 8 hours. Bright LED’s indicate the pump is ON, Flow Fault or a Low Battery. Flow from 5 to 800 cc/min may be obtained using optional Low Flow Holder […]

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